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Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall is 12 player Titan Land game developed for Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. Kingdoms of Terfall or KoT is the unification of both its predecessors Titan Land Rise of Kingdoms and Titan Land Fall of Kingdoms. Out of all 3 maps, KoT is the only one that exclusively uses KoT Lore and Custom Lore elements. Branching off from its mainstream rivals which continued to use Warcraft lore. While it competed in popularity with GHH's Titan Land Rise of Deva and Titan Land Fall of Deva for the first year following its release, the map quickly became the most popular iteration of Titan Land. The last version made by KingKatanova was 1.9121, who was succeeded by THEDEATH, Immortal_Wraith, Elysium and Ookami Sage, who made further versions up to V2.2.

Version 3.0 of KoT was announced in February 2017[1]. It would be worked on by both the team of TheDeath partnering with KingKatanova, all going by the alias of the Creator Team. This map would eventually receive an implementation of the SaveNLoad system, which was originally developed for Titan Land Lands of Plenty.


Titan Land KoT was map mostly planned by the creator of past successful Titan Land versions, KingKatanova. It spent several months in production, as it was a complete remake of the previous maps. In order to compete with the rising feature set of Titan Land maps, KingKatanova borrowed many commands and useful advice from GHH, the maintainer of his previous work, Titan Land RoK.

The rivalry between the maps was ended by the coming together of GHH, KingKatanova and Bossskiller8000[2]. They had the idea of unifying Titan Land into a single branch and bringing the community together. The plan ended up not bearing fruit, when it abruptly came to and end and KingKatanova returning to KoT development.


Races in Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall and categorized under 5 groups; Humans & Dwarves, Tribal, Elven, Undead & Corupt and Creep. It also contained references to fabled lost races which had been present in the game but were taken out for several reasons.

With the formation of KoT 3.0, that categorization has been expanded following the Creation of the new races, which now include.


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