The Titan

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The Titan is the player with the most power in a Titan Land game. When the game starts, the Titan is the Red player, however, they can use the -titan command in order to forfeit the position to someone else.

Role of the Titan

The role of the Titan can vary depending on the style of game that is being run, however, the general rule is that The Titan is a sort of arbiter, who will use their powers to enable other players to have a more fun experience.

The Titan as the Host

In Warcraft III, the Host is the creator of the game lobby. Before the game starts, the host has absolute power, and can close slots, remove players or even ban players in more recent versions of the game. However, once the game starts, the player who has absolute power is the Titan, even if he was not originally the host. Therefore, in games, it is common for the Titan to also be the Host, in order for them to be able to control the game that they hosted, even after the game has started.

The Titan as the Game Master

The Titan role's powers are quite similar to that of a traditional TTRPG's Game Master. Therefore, when running certain themed games, it is common to have the Titan act as the Game Master. This will usually mean that they will have a more active role in the game, guiding the course of the story and coming up with the plot.

The Titan's Powers

The Titan has almost absolute power of the game. They can kick any player and remove any unit. They also have certain special privileges, such as the ability to make other player's units unselectable, in order to reduce lag in-game.

Titan Commands

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Palace Powers

The Powers are special units which reside in the very northwest corner of the map...