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Titan Land: Lands of Plenty is a sandbox roleplaying map in Warcraft III. As a sandbox map, it allows you to manipulate many aspects of the game that are normally only accessible by map makers in the World Editor. This means that you can shape the map to the most intricate of details, allowing you to create terrain - everything from sprawling cities to calm forests - that is close to the very limits of what Warcraft III can handle.

The map comes with thousands of decorations, with which you can build almost any kind of scenery, and hundreds of units, which you can use as characters in your roleplaying scenarios. Alongside Warcraft III models, you can find models from other popular universes, such as Diablo III and LotR. This is in addition to the thousands of custom models that are included in the map, some of which were made specifically for LoP and other which originate from the many fan-made model databases for the game.

If you would like a small peek at what's possible in TL:LoP, have a look at the builds below, made by the community:

What is Roleplaying?

role play
/ˈrōl ˌplā/
gerund or present participle: roleplaying

   act out or perform the part of a person or character.

This is a map about imagining your own characters and playing them out in an interactive and free-form world with other players. To achieve this, the map not only offers a large amount of custom models, but it also provides functionalities to edit units and decorations to fit your needs, such as adjusting their size, color, rotation and more.

How much does it cost?!

Titan Land is a Warcraft III map, which means you must own a copy of the game in order to play. The map is compatible with both the Reforged and Classic versions of the game. If you own WC3, then you can play the map for free! However, you can still support the project through donations! Check out these links: (TBA).

How can I get started?

First, you must own a copy of Warcraft III. You can purchase it from Blizzard.