Introduction to Commands

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==Command Explanation==

Basic Explanation

Titan Land Lands of Plenty Uses Several Commands and other means to create an world so players may Roleplay in it, using its pletora of tools to shape it to your liking, from changing the terrain, to making things bigger, smaller, taking a different color, making it invisible among an pletora of things, this will be an basic explanation for how to use commands with little problem, we will use "Modifications" to represent Commands without causing too much confusion.

How to Apply Modifications

In order to apply said modifications it will depend on which way to apply it, the two main commands are:

  • Utilising ' will allow you to change whatever units or buildings you are selecting at that moment, alongside decorations.
  • Utilising - will make the builder "Deco Modifier Special" be able to change it via its unique abilities.

These changes are permanent until something causes them to return to form, like another command, moving or copying said decoration, training units, moving them around alongside others, will not change the modification with the Currently on Version 1.35 having an unit able to change forms to another unit, might change the modifications but its somewhat random.

To Apply Said Modifications, its required to use the appliance - OR ' , the Command itself and the number value, an example is -size 500.

NOTE : Exceptions and different formating exists, but this is the basics for most of the commands.

Basic Command List

Basic Commands
  • -select no - Makes the unit unselectable, after loading, buildings with hitzones will still have them, decreases lag units make.
  • -/'size (number) - Changes the size of said Unit/Decoration/Building in a percentage from 0-999+.
  • -/'fly (number) - Allows the selected Unit/Decoration/Building to float with 0 being the default, can use negative.
  • -/'color (color name/number) - Turns the selected Unit/Decoration/Building into the selected warcraft player colors
  • -setcolor (color/number) - turns all the units you own into said player color.
  • -/'rgb (red tint) (green tint) (blue tint) (Optional: Transparency) - Changes the tint of the selected unit or building, 100 means complete tint, the "normal" tint is "100 100 100 0".
  • -/'face (0-360) - Changes the Angle of the unit, default angle is 270 Degrees.
  • -nameunit (name) - Changes the name of said unit to whatever is wrote, can only be done to units the player owns.
  • -tips/hints (on/off) - Turns tips OR hints on or off.
  • -remove - Removes any unit selected that the player owns.
  • -kill - Kills the selected units that the player owns.
  • -deleteme - Removes all the units the player has up to a limit (to avoid lag) can be repeated should one command is not enough.
  • -start - Gives the player an builder made expecifically to make units.
  • -roll (number of dice)d(Dice number)(Optional:+/-number) - Rolls an set of dice, an example is 1d6+10
  • -val - Changes how big is the paintbrush for terrain, tree placement and a few other things.
  • -var - Circles by several custom terrain types.
  • -name - Changes player name.
  • -autoname - Toggles autoname on and off, if the autoname is on, it means that any unit with an unique name the player selects, will automatically change the player's name to said unit, removes the need of mass -name.
  • -give (color/number) - gives the unit the player owns and selected to said player.
  • -rect - Spawns an Rect
  • -collision (on/off) - turns on and off the collision of an unit.
  • -copy - Copies an unit, keeping their old modifications safe -nameunit.
More Advanced Commands
  • - -/'size (length X number) (length Y number) (height Z number) - Changes the unit in three dimentions.

NOTE : Lengths X and Y changes if its an building decoration, and if they are facing the default camera or not, If the object is facing the front or its back to the default camera, Y increases to the sizes and X increases front and back, if the camera is to the side, it inverts, with Y increasing front and back and X increasing to the sides.

  • -save (save name) - Will save what the player build outside of the Titan Palace in order to use it in another game, saves are held in the Warcraft 3's Files.
  • -request (save name) - Will load in load in the save from the Warcraft 3's Files and slowly load it in-game.

NOTE : Avoid loading more than one player at an time, if two players load at once, it might increase lag and chances of bugs happening.

  • -makehero - Turns an normal unit into an hero, Str only as in Version 1.35
  • -ability (type) (codes) - Related to heros, all hero abilities have codes in order to use the set of commands below:
  • -ability add (code) - Add an ability to the selected hero(s), the ability depends on the code.
  • -ability remove/rem/r (code) - Removes the ability from the selected heroe(s) with the code mentioned.
  • -ability clear - Removes all ability from the selected hero(s).

Titan ONLY Commands

  • -kick (color/number) - Kicks and player from the game.
  • -/'mind - Will take over the unit selected, should - is used, the player will set up one Modifier List, located on the most Left-Top corner to take over the units for said player.
  • -delete (number/colors) - Removes the units of said player.
  • -water (rgb) - Changes the color to the tint chosen, see Basic Commands "rgb" for more details.
  • -titan (color/number) - Sets another player as the Titan, able to use all the titans commands and powers.
  • -combat tags - Toggles on and off the combat tags.
  • -time (Value) - Changes the time in the game.