Deco Builders

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Deco Builders are units in Titan Land maps which create decorations for players to build with.


Deco Tents

Deco Builders can be aquired from the Deco Tents in the Titan Palace. Tents are organized into 3 categories: Special, Basic and Advanced. Special Deco Builders include Deco Modifier Special, Deco Builder Misc, Deco Modifier Terrain and Deco Builder Docks. They are considered special builders because they have additional functionality apart from just creating decorations. Basic Deco Builders are a curated list of deco builders which may be the most useful for newer players. Advanced Deco Builders include all racial deco builders, deco builders that are mostly useful for niche builds, and modular deco builders (which can be hard to use for new players).

-decos command

The other way of aquiring Deco Builders is by spawning them through the use of the -decos command. This command also categorizes deco builders into the Special, Basic and Advanced categories. When using the command, all deco builders up to the category specified as an argument will be spawned, except for those that the player already owns. This way, the command can be used to quickly get access to all deco builders, without having to worry about spamming duplicate units.


Deco Builders are used just as normal worker units in Warcraft III are. Idle deco builders will appear in the Idle Worker Icon at the bottom left side of the screen. The main difference between deco builders and normal Warcraft III workers are their teleportation abilities.


Like other workers in LoP, deco builders have an ability to toggle their teleporation. If teleporation is on, then builders will instantly teleport to a location if they are ordered to move there with a right click from the mouse. Additionally, deco builders will also gain the ability to build structres in an unlimited range while their teleporation is enabled. This means that they don't have to move somewhere in order to build decorations. This makes building much faster, but can be a bit difficult to get used to for newer players. This is why teleporation can be disabled.


In old Titan Land maps, like Titan Land Improved RPE, deco builders were few in number, and were only built from Tents. Titan Land Rise of Kingdoms originally implemented the concept of a player starting out the game with all Deco Builders already spawned, and also implemented a system of spawning all missing Deco Builders using the map's own version of the -start command.

Since LoP has vastly more Deco Builders than any other Titan Land version, starting the game will all Deco Builders available quickly became deterimental, as not all players will use all Deco Builders, and with 60+ Deco Builders per player, the number of units in the map was already in the hundreds before players event started building.